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All items, unless otherwise specified, is purchased in Scandinavia and imported by us to the U.S. We conduct a thorough examination of each item in order to establish the condition. Any item description on our site aims to provide full disclosure of all blemishes, marks, discolorations etc.

Bear in mind that most items are 50-70 years old and have spent time with previous owners in their homes, exposed to wear, sunlight and other factors that affects the aging process. Consequently, they will display signs and marks characteristic of use. This is to be expected and, for some buyers, a desirable “patina”. For this reason, we do not re-finish any items unless the buyers specifically requests us to do so. We do however protect each piece from further aging by applying wax and polish. When doing so we use great care in selection of “best in class” products for this purpose and consult with experts on what type of product to use on each individual piece (depending on wood type and finish)

Notwithstanding our thorough and forthright description of the conditions of any particular item, such assessment is always subject to the assessor’s personal opinion. We therefore strongly encourage all our customers to carefully study all images and read our descriptions. If there are any doubts, please email us and we'll make our utmost to bring clarity to any description of an item. Of course, all items are available for inspection in our Wappinger Falls, NY showroom. Please email us to schedule an appointment.

Terms used by us in describing origin/maker/designer,

Stamped. The item is either burn marked or labeled with manufacturers and/or designer mark.

We consider this type of information to be “highly credible”.

Presumably. We use the term “presumably” when this information has been passed to us by either an auction house or a previous owner. We also use this term when we are able to identify an item through other credible means (auction catalogues, literature etc.). We consider both types of information to be “credible”.

Possibly. We use the term “possibly” when we have some indication that a particular item has been designed and/or produced by a particular maker/designer. We base this information on information from the original source and make all attempts to verify this information. We consider such information to be “probable”.